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Technical Rescue sells AJAX Fire Rescue Tools…

Over forty years ago Ajax Rescue Tools pioneered the application of air chisels in vehicle extrication. With the professional assistance of several Fire Departments, Ajax designed and produced some of the first rescue tools for use in vehicle extrication, forcible entry, and confined space rescue. Technical changes in vehicles and materials have led to challenges in the techniques and safe approaches that are used in vehicle extrication, and Ajax Rescue Tools has evolved with these changes. Ajax Rescue Tools now offers a line of Rescue Kits and accessories that can be used at any level in the rescue and extrication process.

It has always been the goal of Ajax Rescue Tools to develop the type of products that will offer the rescue technician the best opportunity to have a successful rescue and extrication in any given situation. This is why Ajax Rescue Tools have been recognized as “The Extra Hand in Extrication” for decades. Along with this commitment, you can always count on Ajax Rescue Tools to continue to develop and produce new and innovative products for the Rescue Tool market.